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Some of the strategic development of China's steel industry proposals

Steel industry policy for the implementation of the National Development and Reform Commission, along the new industrialization development, a fundamental change in power powers made by the steel pipe steel pipe steel pipe industry, China Steel Structure Association, branch pipe held in Beijing on June 15 to 17 "steel pipe industry strategic development Seminar. " The meeting invitation Li Helin, Yin Guomao Fellow and Deputy Secretary-General of the China Iron and Steel Association, Li Shijun, such as steel pipe industry experts of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, published papers. More than 100 leading technology backbone from association member companies and non-member unit attended the meeting to discuss important viewpoints and papers. The delegates expressed their views on the strategic development of China's steel industry, in the warm and serious discussions on the basis of some of the key issues form a consensus, several suggestions put forward the strategic development of China's steel industry to higher authorities.

A important symbol of the power of the steel pipe

, Contemporary international advanced level of technical equipment of steel pipe production accounted for more than 2/3 of the total production of steel pipes, eliminate backward technology and equipment have been effective.

2, low-input, low-cost, high-quality, high-yielding out for the purpose, to achieve the comprehensive production capacity of the steel pipe, the formation of advanced and reasonable production process from smelting to tube processing system.

3, at the same time ensure that the steel pipe great power status, the adjustment of product structure paid off, raise high value-added, high-tech steel products (such as a power plant with high-pressure alloy steel boiler tubes, chemical alloy and stainless steel pipe, special requirements of oil well pipes and domestic market self-sufficiency rate of high-grade steel conveyor line pipe).

Major steel company basically reasonable scale, large-scale equipment, increase the degree of concentration of the industry-wide, the formation of a number of capacity megaton large enterprises, and on this basis, the formation of the large group of 1-2, the rational allocation of resources, the quality of their products and the main technical and economic indicators, such as raw material consumption, energy consumption, and labor productivity reached and exceeded the international advanced level, to participate in international competition in the market.

5 major steel enterprises according to the requirements of circular economy to achieve coexistence with the environment。

Steel pipe equipment manufacturing industry in China with steel pipe production enterprises, universities and research institutes cooperation, joint research and development, design and manufacturing of the modern advanced steel production equipment, in order to reverse China now except for a few sets of modern advanced unit of our own design and manufacture outside, almost all the introduction of foreign situation, China's steel pipe production (major) equipment as soon as possible to achieve localization。

Vigorously develop steel production technology and manufacturing processes, to form their own property rights and theoretical achievements, a true sense of the world steel industry R & D center to develop new varieties, new technologies, research new technology to the leading international steel pipe production, markets and the development of the technology.

8, standardization must adapt to the market the pipe needs and the development of production technology, the standard system in a timely manner, the revision of steel pipe standards to further meet the needs of the domestic and foreign markets, and demonstrate its advanced nature.

9 industry-wide form orderly healthy competition mechanism, steel pipe products with high technological content, through the implementation of a strict production license management system, market access restrictions and other measures, the industry market macro management measures have been strengthened.

Second, the conversion to steel pipe power Suggestions

China's steel industry in the past five years, China's iron and steel industry synchronized high-speed development, its output reached 21.23 million tons in 2004, is expected to reach 24.5 million tons in 2005, accounting for more than 1/4 of the global steel output, it is a large global steel pipe. The current production capacity has exceeded market demand, and become one of the global steel pipe major exporter, is an important period for the development of China's steel industry. Meet the market demand in the pursuit of quantity-based approach to development has become history, the new industrialization path of development, circular economy has become the important work schedule of the steel pipe industry.

1, reasonable adjustments to the scale of production of steel pipe industry

Maintain a reasonable scale and a moderate growth rate, is an important prerequisite for the healthy development of the steel pipe industry. At present, China's steel industry has been built in the construction of the proposed production has exceeded the demand of the domestic market, low-level redundant construction must be strictly controlled.

皇马电竞app 2, seamless steel pipe

(1) Pipe Mill China 80 years after the introduction of the most advanced production capacity of the largest hot-rolled seamless steel pipe unit, a unit with an annual output of up to 80-100 million tons, but its enormous investment in production quantity and timing of the replacement product specifications need to be replaced the workers touch with the more long than the other units, so it is to adapt to less specifications, mass production unit。 This unit is the best in a group or company a number of sets of the division of production in order to reach a set of units on the production specifications, volume, high yield, low consumption, high efficiency, low cost, competitive effects。

International advanced high capacity hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production process the main flow vacuum → VD → full protection casting round billet → guide plate (plate) perforation → LF furnace of the electric arc furnace smelting, refining, hot rolling diameter heat treatment → → → set (less) tube processing。

Today's state-of-the-art cold working seamless steel pipe production process: heating tube round → perforation (hot) into the wall thickness, shape, surface high-precision shortage of the tube → 1 to 2 times cold-drawn (or cold-rolled) → protection The atmosphere heat treatment → NDT。

Now, China has been on the basis of early development, development of the absorption, digestion, transformation, development and concluded on the basis of the experience of these imported units have been entirely possible independent, independent research and development, design, manufacturing this modern advanced steel pipe production equipment, localization of major equipment.

皇马电竞app (2), automatic pipe mill is our new first seamless steel pipe production unit, in addition to the two sets of (140 and 400mm) outside the former Soviet Union built all of our own design and manufacture. Over a considerable period of time was the main unit of seamless steel pipe. However, the tube shorter its rolling requires two heating timber is low, so the last few years only a few sets of 100mm or more units after updating and transformation, especially 400mm unit transformation success.

But most of the units of 100mm and less than 100mm, and some have been replaced by other units, such as disc (precision), three-roll pipe mill; some are considering or have some have at which the program of study and explore the transformation; In the semi-shutdown of which has been discontinued.

(3), the precision and disc pipe mill: precision pipe mill is the only software technology to introduce only package of pipe mill with the United design, joint manufacturing; disc pipe mill in our own independent development Dise Seoul pipe rolling mill based on absorption core technology and independent development of precision tube mill, in the wider construction. This unit has low investment, high precision, short process, only need heating, a simple replacement of product specifications, time is short, but it is not a high capacity unit because its rolling tube is not long (than automatic rolling captain), should not yield too high (high impact quality), but varieties mill.

(4), three-roll pipe mill our own independent development of the earlier one of the pipe mill, has introduced from abroad sets. Three roller pipe mill in the thick wall steel than ideal pipe mill in, low investment, high precision, simple replacement product specifications, short time, but it is the production of thin-walled tubes difficulties, nor is it a high capacity unit.

(5), the first unit of pipe jacking Hungary supply pipe mill in China, now has already been eliminated. The late 1980s, our own design, manufacturing a newer (CPE) pipe jacking machine, and later purchased a second-hand (CPE) and from abroad pipe jacking machine. This pipe jacking units are only suitable for the production of thin-walled tube, and its production specifications, narrow range of varieties, tool consumption high, the low rate of finished competitiveness is not high on the basis of the existing equipment, according to market need, selection of optimal (relatively low consumption, high-yield, competitiveness) specification production (such as small diameter thin-walled tube), can still be efficient (in the small-diameter, high-yield Pipe Mill before production) survival.

(6), cycle tube rolling machine earliest Hungary supply pipe mill in China, because of the large deformation ingot rolling steel pipe, and can be rolled thick wall steel pipe, so it is in the era of China's steel tension done a big contribution, because of the billet to the material of the finished product is low, the quality of steel tube outer surface and thickness deviation is not ideal, and only in the production of large-diameter, thick-walled, and the special requirements of the steel pipe, has certain advantages, there is a certain market demand 。

(7), gross shortage tube hot rolling mill with cold-drawn, cold-rolled production of finished steel pipe production line.

皇马电竞app Production size (diameter and wall thickness), accuracy and surface quality (finish) demanding, hot-rolled (competitive) method can not be reached, the cold-drawn, cold-rolled is usually standard production methods.

China in steel (especially steel pipe) and equipment extreme lack of tension special historical conditions, the development of production capillary (perforation only), or shortage tube (perforation after tube rolling), directly starts with cold-drawn several times, the production of the finished product pipe. These cold drawn tube completely hot-rolled production. Per time to go through the pickling cold drawn and annealed. Not only increase consumption, but also pollute the environment, the time to solve the need to now should be banned.

Certain specifications of steel pipe, has been further developed into a capillary direct cold-rolled one times or the production of finished steel cold drawn 1-2 times. This process and hot-rolled tubes in the consumption and cost comparable to the presence of a small amount of pickling environmental pollution, but to solve the the pickling pollution problem (without pickling or all of the recycling) time, has far. This is our original.

Short, a variety of hot-rolled pipe mill, each with its own specialty, should be based on their region and product positioning, form their own market, in the variety, quality, continuous improvement and improve relentless efforts in reducing energy consumption and consumption, to obtain low cost advantage; batch cost, poor quality pipe mill, with the development of the market economy, especially in the situation of supply exceeding demand will naturally eliminated; stable tube steel pipe business resources has not yet been implemented, should implement the metallurgical enterprises as an important measure to establish a long-term strategic alliance or partnership, in order to stabilize the raw materials, production and product quality, and the adjustment of product structure, otherwise it will be naturally eliminated.

3, welded steel pipes

Resistance welding (ERW) welded steel pipe process distinguish three processes, spiral submerged arc welded (SSAW) and LSAW (LSAW)。 Production of welded pipes of these three processes, because of its raw materials, the molding process, bore size, as well as the quality of the different applications have their own positioning, strengths and weaknesses。 But reserved its developments, large diameter pipe Ф273mm more recent years, new capacity is too concentrated, existing and upcoming the production of JCOE (UOE) 8 sets Ф508 610mmERW unit 6 sets, advanced technology and equipment are introduced contemporary process, preliminary statistics of production capacity has exceeded 600 million tons。 Of these devices should be based on the requirements of the application areas and the characteristics of each product, and play to their respective strengths, technological innovation, and constantly improve the technological content of each product。

⑴, straight seam resistance welded pipe (ERW)

Resistance welded pipe steel pipe varieties of the earliest production, the widest range of applications, production units (more than 2,000), the highest yield (accounting for about 80% of the total capacity of the welded pipe), product specifications Ф20 ~ 610mm, play in the national economy an important role.

maximum number of units of a, ERW20 ~ 89mm (accounting for the ERW more than 90% of the total number), its production capacity accounted for a the ERW total capacity of more than 60%。 Units less investment, low level of technology, low cost, widely used in low pressure liquid delivery pipe and construction scaffolding tubes, bicycles, furniture, structural tube。 This part of the most competitive product in the market, some rudimentary equipment, backward technology, small-scale, poor quality enterprises will be eliminated in the competition。 Only the use of advanced technology to transform on the unit, and improve the level of technical equipment, improve product quality, increase value-added and technology content, to an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market。

b, ERW219 ~ 610mm units since the 1980s, about 30 sets of advanced technology from abroad, after years of production practice, the level of equipment and technology have greatly improved the quality of products are constantly improved. Because of its low investment and quick application of a wide range of rapid development. With the development of the production process of the plate CSP, to provide a low-cost, reliable quality of raw materials, and create good conditions for its further development. This part of the product by the fluid transfer the structural area OCTG, line pipe, seamless pipe applications development.

The typical production process should be:

Plate with raw materials - the pre-processing of raw materials - Cold Roll Forming - welding - weld heat treatment - weld (tube) testing - finishing - finished welded pipe.

The product quality of the key technologies must make strenuous efforts to completely solve the elimination of gray leaf spot defects ERW pipe, large diameter ERW pipes of the new production unit as soon as possible to reach the international advanced level, to avoid repeating the development process of China's ERW pipe major quality accidents into a valley in the past, so that our ERW pipe onto the track of healthy development.

⑵, spiral submerged arc welded pipe (SSAW)

SSAW pipe less investment in equipment, continuous welded a result of lower prices the narrowband (board) volume production of large diameter (Ф1016 ~ 2400mm) pipe, the production process is simple, low running costs and has the advantage of low-cost operation, in the medium and large caliber low pressure water, heat and piling pipe market has a price advantage, but the in pressure pipeline project, especially the gas pipeline should have the necessary hardware configuration, such as non-destructive testing, physical and chemical testing facilities, strengthening of quality assurance measures, strict production license regulatory certificates implementation。

At present, in China's oil and gas transportation spiral welded pipe oil the system belongs pipe factory mainly basic pattern has formed. Advanced technology with low residual stress molding and pipe end mechanical expansion diameter spiral welded pipe through strict quality control, quality and Longitudinal comparable to obtain a wide range of applications in the oil and gas pipeline project in China's West-East, etc. is the main casts of China's oil and gas pipeline projects. Its current production capacity has been able to meet the needs of the oil and gas pipeline construction projects in China, and has a large number of export. The technological transformation of existing units, should be strengthened and strictly control new capacity building.

皇马电竞app ⑶, LSAW pipe (LSAW)

LSAW of late developed advanced pipe technologies, UOE technology manufacturing in recent years the progressive JCOE in our country and around the world becoming another new mainstream technology.

Straight seam submerged arc welded pipe quality, reliable, and widely used for oil and gas high-voltage transmission trunk line。 The welded pipe mill investment is relatively large, the use of raw materials for the high cost of leaflets heavy plate, the process is relatively complex, low productivity, higher product costs。 Therefore, the technology by the raw materials (steel plate) quality, price, and the cost of the pipe constraints, lack of competitiveness in the general application of the field。

Medium and large diameter pipe, 100 million tons of annual demand due to China's high-pressure oil and gas pipelines. Main spiral welded pipes, LSAW pipe will serve as a complement of spiral welded pipe, mainly used in the spiral welded pipe mill can not produce large wall thickness of steel pipe (17.5mm) and elbow with female pipe, the amount subject to certain restrictions. The UOE Baosteel plans to build new units put into operation, the domestic straight seam submerged arc welded pipe production capacity will exceed our high pressure oil and gas pipeline construction need, in the future should not be building a new LSAW pipe mill. Existing units to strengthen technological innovation, further improve the quality and technical level.

Should speed up the welding material of high toughness and X80 pipeline steel, especially LSAW pipe pipeline steel heavy plate localization, in order to adapt to the needs of the future intercontinental large-diameter gas pipeline construction.

皇马电竞app Various types of welded pipe mill should strengthen the construction of automation and information system, narrow the gap in this field with the international advanced level in China, and to catch up with the world advanced level。

This year's Steel Industry Development Policy ", the State Council agreed in principle" to guide the steel pipe industry to speed up technological progress, promote structural adjustment and institutional innovation, changing the growth mode, the steel pipe industry from large to strong conversion is of great significance.

CSPA to play the two-way service and role as a link, to guide the entire industry to carry out and implement the scientific concept of development, adhere to the "three focuses" and "a fundamental shift", focusing on the increase of high-tech content, high value-added products, improve Quality, not one-sided pursuit of quantitative expansion; focusing on the product concentration, strengthen the existing corporate reorganization, transformation, and can not simply rely on new projects, new projects; focuses on reducing consumption, improving the competitiveness of the enterprises and products, adhere to the new industrialization road, China's steel industry from large to strong fundamental transformation efforts to build an internationally competitive steel pipe power.

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