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Evaporator, condenser tube allows us to flex its muscles

1. Currently there are about 60 sets of Bundy tube production line, including 50 sets of my company to undertake, especially the implementation of this year's national policy of home appliances to make our equipment on a new level of quality and quantity, out of the domestic to the world of dreams.

Second, the main sales:

(1) Qiandaohu the Sing tube industry 25 line by the company to undertake

(2) Changzhou Changfa Refrigeration Company 8 line by my company to undertake (a year on two lines)

(3) Changzhou Wujin Shun four lines

(4) South Korea starion-hana two lines

(5) India M / S pithampur tools two sets (including drawing, annealing, copper, galvanized)

(6) 4 sets of Hefei Great Wall Refrigeration

(7) Hefei Meiling two lines

(8) Xinxiang Cologne two lines

(9) Shanghai Polyray Precision Steel Tube Co., Ltd. 3 line

(10) two lines of Changzhou Huaqiang Precision Steel Pipe Co。, Ltd。

(11) Steel Products Co., Ltd. Kunshan Yu Wei three lines

(12) Changzhou Guangli two lines

(13) Zhangjiagang Long Harbour, two lines

(14) Zhangjiagang Fangyuan two lines of the Pipe Industry

皇马电竞app (15) of Jiangmen Decro two lines

(16) beyond the company line in Hangzhou

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