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Steel Pallet

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Steel Pallet

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It is mainly used for the floor multi-purpose storage, shelf storage and the combined transport and turnover of goods, etc. Compared with the plastic pallet, it has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and favorable price. Especially for export, it does not need fumigation, high temperature disinfection or anticorrosive processing. It accords with the international environmental protection laws and regulations. With a design that can be inserted from four directions, it is very flexible for use, which can improve the space utilization and operating convenience. It is divided into two parts: bottom pallet and upper four tubes. The length of the pipe can be made at will according to the requirements of the different customers. It can be stacked for four layers to save the storage space. The surface is hot-dip galvanized having a strong resistance to corrosion and rust.

style feet height
dia.of feet size(mm)
center to center
loading capacity
SPT01 105 165 1370x1005x300 1000 33 HDG
SPT02 105 165 1850x1005x300 1000 40 HDG
SPT03 110 180 1370x1000x300 1000 32.5 HDG
SPT04 110 180 1770x1000x300 1000 51.5 HDG
SPT05 110 180 2050x1015x450 1000 45 HDG
SPT06 110 180 1870x1000x300 1000 59 HDG
SPT07     1100x1000x140 1000 26 painting


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