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Hydraulic Cylinder

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Hydraulic Cylinder

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1. Piston Type

The single-piston rod cylinder has a piston rod at one end only。 People can press or return oil at both ends of the hydraulic cylinder to realize a two-way movement, so it is also called a double-acting cylinder。

2. Piston Type Hydraulic Control One-way Valve

Except the characteristics of the piston hydraulic cylinder, it also has the following features: the hydraulic control one-way valve is a seated valve, which can realize the hydraulic open and allow a reverse flow. This valve is used to isolate the partial pressure circuit. That is to say, it is used to realize a protection of preventing load drop or down when the pipe breaks.

3. Telescopic Type

The telescopic cylinder has two stage or multistage pistons。 The pistons extend out as the order from big to small, but draw back from small to big, by this way, it can realize a long trip。 When it is drawn back, the length is shorter, so it is compact in structure。 This hydraulic cylinder is often used in the engineering and agricultural machinery。

Style Inner dia. Outer Dia. working pressure
Dia.of piston rod(mm) working stroke
HC01 100 114 20 35 50 235 31
HC02 100 114 20 35 60 700 52
HC03 115 135 20 35 70 700 84
HC04 115 135 20 35 70 700 84
HC05 115 135 20 35 70 900 86
HC06 150 168 20 35 90 425 94
HC07 150 168 20 35 90 1150 165
HC08 150 168 20 35 90 1150 165


Style  size(mm) working pressure
Outer Dia. Working Stroke
HC09 610x146x164 10 146-118-100-80-60 1545


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